Follow Mad Dog Mike Marrion as he rides his Harley on a motorcycle adventure to California.


Day 1 - May 25, 2010
Skinquarter, VA to Lexington, NC
210 of 210 miles

The day I have been waiting for has arrived and it is now time to take the geezer glide out and do what it was built for; going on a long trip.

My first stop will be to my sisterís house on High Rock Lake in Lexington, North Carolina. This may prove to be the most important stop as I am counting on my computer wizard brother in law to give me some quick computer lessons on the new HP mini 210.

The ultimate objective is to get to the Pacific Coast Highway and see the big trees, which I have never seen. There will be plenty of stops at other places, but this is probably one of the all time least planned motorcycle adventures ever undertaken.

I need to explain how this website came into existence and a couple of things about it.

First off, I am writing the explanation after the adventure is over. The first day did in fact prove to be the most important as I received computer lessons from my brother in law and it worked flawlessly for the entire trip. I originally posted the daily narratives and a few pictures on a Harley Davidson website, ( I uploaded all the photos, 748 of them, to Walgreens. I had given my password to my brother in law, David Pettigrew. The comments from the members of HDTalking were amazing. There were scores of responses and over 17 thousand views. I was not aware until day 20, June 13, 2010 that David had taken all my posts and pictures up to that point and consolidated them into this magnificent website. It was an instant hit with the members of HDTalking who were following my adventure and it will now be something I can reflect on for many years to come.

There are people referred to in some of the narratives in this website and some questions that I answered to HDTalking members that may not make much sense to a reader of this website that was not privy to the entire communication.

This was without a doubt a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a fraction of this beautiful country we are so fortunate to live in.

I must also give credit to my lovely bride who had to take care of all the household chores, cut the grass, take care of my dog etc. Not once did she squeal about taking up the slack or complain about the fact I was gone for almost a month.

Getting ready to head out on my motorcycle adventure. 0730, May 25, 2010.

Wolf Creek Harley Davidson, Reidsville, NC. This has been a place to stop while on the way to and from my sisters.

The geezer glide at Wolf Creek Harley Davidson.

Had a great ride to my sister's house. It looked like rain most of the day, but it never materialized. Here's David, my computer wizard brother in law and my sister Jenny. This is day one of my motorcycle adventure at their spread at High Rock Lake.

David fixed lasagne for dinner. It was yummy!

Having a yummy meal at Jenny and David's house with Ann and Chris.

We are going to take a quick pontoon ride around High Rock Lake, have a nightcap, hit the rack, then head to Maggie Valley tomorrow.

I'll keep you all up to speed on my progress and I certainly appreciate all the responses and offers thus far. Once I get situated I will respond to those that have made offers to show me the sights.